Ali Zagame

Model a Worcester, Massachusetts / 25 anys / 5'1"

Hello! My name is Alessandra Zagame. I'm live in Worcester area and I'm looking for part-time modeling jobs for side money. I will do TF jobs if you are a college student because I know what loans feel like, or if you're in my area. I won't travel a long distance for an unpaid job, I'm sorry, but I just can't afford it.

Otherwise, when paid, I certainly won't overcharge and can negotiate since I'm not as experienced as people working in this field full-time, though I do have a fair amount of experience under my belt.

Three things to note about me if you're thinking of messaging me:

~I don't do nudes, semi nudes, any nipples showing, I do NOT take off clothes.
(I will do tube-top shoulder-less and no more)
~I live in Worcester area and I'm willing to drive into Boston and other nearby areas, but if it's more than an hour I'd really appreciatte gas money.
~I like meeting you first, if at all possible, getting to know who I'm working with

By the last one I simply mean that if you're going to be photographing me in your semi-sketchy apartment late at night, I only want to be sure you're a legitimate person. I'm only doing this to be safe, not to offend you, please try to understand, I'm 22, a young woman, trying to be careful.

-I used to have my experience listed here, but it's grown so much! I've even modeled for a painter who has his work at the MFA and Vose! A good thing of course, but if you're curious for more of what I do besides modeling for painters, book covers, and more, then just shoot me a message!

As a model, expect me early, (no joke, I show up early, I'm one of the few) I reply to your messages promptly, don't expect stiff poses or attitude. I take the job seriously and I make the modeling fun =)

P.S. I have every right to stop contacting you and cancel a shoot if you say anything sexual to me. It's one thing to ask me how much skin I'm willing to show, but when you contact me late at night and ask me about the pajamas I'm wearing, don't be surprised when I say I'm not interested. I'm not lenient on this rule of mine.

Modeling for Painters; Prosperi Studios, Pete Rogers

Alyssa Kay

Joe Light

Tatumn White

Conceptual Photography

Piper Takes Pictures....
The list goes on! I've been modeling for three years so I don't think I can list it all here, but if you have any questions please message me! I have letters of recommendation and contacts.
25 anys
32.0" / 24.0" / 32.0" pulg.
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