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My name is Damián Razzini. I am an Italian-Argentinian fashion and portrait freelance photographer based in Barcelona, ​​Spain. You can find me on social media and Internet as @damianrazziniphoto and I present you a selection of my works over the last four years, some of which are part of fashion and beauty editorials. I am passionate about creating different atmospheres in the studio through lighting and props, and outdoors I usually ask and let models to interact consciously or unconsciously with the environment they are surrounded by. For me, the subject is always immersed in an environment and it is in relation to it that the scenes I create tell us a story that convey sensations. I also love playing with saturated tones in color portraits and use black and white in portraits to highlight patterns, textures or to further focus the viewer's gaze on the model.
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setembre 2020
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Art of Portrait
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