Fotògraf Plus a Barcelona, Espanya

Claus Vega The Collector

Film by Salih Sali, Mai Lasan & Claus Vega Director & Post pro: Mai Lasan Special thanks to Yulia Bulashenko! DoPs: Salih Sali & Bruno Amaral Starring: Fabian Castro Dancers: Kőhalmi Viktória, Lara Muslera, Leila Patzies & Arina Lannoo Camera assistants: Gulcin Chi, Natalia De Las Cuevas, Hugo Machado Make up Artists: Francesca Febo & Jesus DeBina, 2nd assistants: Davide Lauricella, Franco Baron & Alessandro Costa Set photographer: Alicia Aicrag Camera: Red, Zeiss lenses Drone: DJI Phantom 3 Pro Post: Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve, AE ------------------------------------------------- Reflecting everyone, everywhere... this affecting film explores those subtle, split decisions we each make on a daily basis. Whether it's by simply walking the street, heading to work or taking a break our moments are faced with a multitude of outcomes, but are only truly defined by that single decision we choose to make. However, despite what the rest of the world might see, our options can often divide us within and in turn provoke an overwhelming state of confusion. Ultimately it might scratch the surface and fractions are to be seen. But at the end of the day we are the only ones who can see these dozen thoughts running through our head making us so many but are seen as only one. #Barcelona #Color #Dancer #Cinematography #Thoughts #Model

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