Fotògraf a Havant, Hampshire, Regne Unit

Keep dancing till the end of time

Fleur Louise Hunt (from Purpleport) en pointe, c/w fog machine. One of my favourite images from our 2016-11-06 shoot with the fabulous Fleur. A shoot with extra added "Fleuriness" - the ability to make difficult strenuous moves look natural and effortless. Turns out that as well as being very beautiful and having a fabulous figure, she is also a classically trained dancer. I always enjoy working with dancers. I admire their energy, their body-confidence, their passion and their millimetric precision. I also like girls in corsets, filter gels, fog machines and long-sleeved leotards. So creating this picture pretty much ticked all the proverbial boxes for me! #dancer #en_pointe #ballet #balletshoes #corset #leotard

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