RT Factory, The factory of artifacts

@RTFactoryClient a Ghent, Oost-Vlaanderen, Bélgica

Are you looking for an original artwork? Are you looking for a nice art print, a beautiful flower decoration or an original gift? Do you like to shop in a relaxed homely atmosphere, with a snack and a drink, in the presence of the artist himself? Do you have a certain interest in art and
decoration, but do you feel a threshold to enter a gallery? Then you are at the right address at RT Factory. We regularly organize very accessible exhibitions, often linked to other events, and offer you the chance to come and see our works. During these exhibitions, it is often the case that the artists themselves are present, so that they can tell you more about the exhibited works. We also have permanent exhibitions at various locations, where the works are replaced on a regular basis. We also offer the possibility to make an appointment at our office in Wondelgem (Ghent), where you can view the works of your choice. Shopping in a cozy atmosphere, with the right advice. Because do not forget: A home without art is just a house!
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