Nephilim Magazine #22

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The submission window for Issue 21 closes on Friday the 20th. So, now we're opening the window for Issue 22.

No specific themes and any genres of beauty, fashion, and art, within realms of good taste, are acceptable, just as long as you can offer high-end quality work. Visit our website and browse our social media pages for examples of the quality we require.

Images must be at least 8.5x11" in size and at a resolution of 300 DPI, not 72, which is for web. Our magazine is in print. Please, don't add thick frames to cheat our size requirements. Such images will be rejected.

Anything you submit must have never been posted online, published in print, or be pending acceptance by another publication.

Only the photographer or artist will be allowed to submit their work due to property and copyright laws.

For further details and how we require you to submit, go to
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