Nephilim Magazine #24

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We are now accepting photo (subjects of all ages - beauty, fashion, conceptual), art (traditional and digital), article, and story submissions for Issue 24. Any genre (mainstream and alternative) goes. Keep it within good taste. Artistic and semi-nudity is acceptable. Remember that Nephilim is not you typical magazine. We don’t accept mainstream or alternative themes and genres. We accept both!

•Opening: March 1, 2020 @ Midnight EST
•Deadline: April 15th, 2020 @ Midnight EST
•Publication: May 1, 2020 @ Midnight EST

The cover will be selected by us after the deadline. If you would like a duplicate copy of the issue created with your work on the cover, this can be done for the price of $50, assuming your work meets our quality standards. Please, do not ask to be featured on the cover otherwise or ask for your work to be removed because you didn’t get the cover. This has happened and it’s very unprofessional.

To submit, go to www.nephilimmag/sub to read our submission rules and download our release form. We warn you not to bypass the rules. Any errors you make during the submission process will reflect upon this and you will likely be rejected outright. Please provide English spelling.
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