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Jersey Turn't Up Entertainment is a company based out of North New Jersey whose focus is to provide clients a welcoming environment in which they will be able to receive full services in a one-stop company.  Services include but are not limited to: Djs, Models, Photographers and Videographers.   Jersey Turn't Up Entertainment is not only an entertainment company based on catering private and public events with the talents of 3 DJs who provide music selections of all kinds, but also have created two other branches which pertain to supporting talent in New Jersey and also all around the world.  These two products of Jersey Turn't Up Entertainment are known as We Are Jersey Magazine & We Are Jersey Diamondz .  We Are Jersey Magazine is a product of Jersey Turn't Up Entertainment that supports all upcoming Jersey talents and also providing a spotlight to underground artists who want to be heard.  We Are Jersey Magazine not only supports recording artists but supports entertainment as a whole anywhere from Art, Models, Tattoo Artists, Photographers, Videographers, and many more categories which are displayed bi-monthly inside of the magazine.  We Are Jersey Diamondz is a model team product also of Jersey Turn't Up Entertainment whose services are to entertain clients in which they are hired for and also represent the company as a whole.  We Are Jersey Diamondz provides services such as music video shoots, Photo shoots, Promotion, Brand Representing, Hosting and many more.
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